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Rat Pest Control

Hey everyone, I’ve recently moved from one place to another with my entire family and did not have any free time to update my rat extermination blog. Anyway, just want to let you guys know that I receive a lot of emails from you and the problem is that I don’t manage to respond to all your questions regarding those rat pest control issues that most of you are dealing with. That’s why I decided that writing a post and letting you know what is up is going to be much better than a superficial individual approach to each of you. All is fine here; I’ve done plenty of rat removal jobs and waiting for some new orders to come soon. Our country is full of rats and they are messing around in people’s houses.

As a rat exterminator, I often hear people asking me if I like this kind of work and why won’t I stop doing it because it looks and feels and smells so bad; well, this is what I usually do and I don’t plan to change my way of earning for a living in the next several years – I’ll wait till retirement. In other words, I’ll just keep removing rats and helping people getting rid of these beings until I have no other options left than just leave and let those who are much more prepared to continue the fight to do it. Rats are pests and they need to be eliminated otherwise you might get with a pretty serious infestation and this is not what you want, right? You either kill those using traps or stuff your house walls with poison; you still need to do it. Rats are dirty for us humans and we need to be very attentive because they are often carriers of various diseases.

Using Poison to Control Rats

A good friend of mine called me the other day and complained about the fact that he noticed some weird rat activity in his basement were he runs a training hall. He trains young people martial arts. Anyway, he said that this is getting pretty serious and he thinks there is a serious infestation that they are dealing with. As always, asked for advice, but when I started to tell him that I should take a look around in order to let him know what can be done, he said that he already took care of it by applying a lot of deadly poison in the walls and already killed a few big rats. I immediately told him that being attentive is extremely important in such a case because a poison infected rat might die somewhere inside a wall and it is going to be a lot of hassle and brain damage to try and get him out; and besides that just imagine the smell and what are you going to do when there is no possible access to the dead body of the rat except just getting that wall down. Using poison is fine, but when you don’t know how to properly set it, some serious problems might occur. He already said that there is quite a bad smell in that basement because of a few dead rats that the managed to kill using poison, but he is afraid that it might be necessary to get rat traps and to use those too.

Maximum Attention when Trying to Control Rats

Being attentive is a must, when you do try to control rats on your own. Anyway can go to any hardware local store and to the pest control department and ask for some really toxic rat poison. It is going to work, but take into consideration if you have pets or small kids around. Rat pest control of such kind is possible when you are dealing with rats in an old house somewhere outside of the town and there are plenty of them, otherwise it might be too dangerous and in such case I highly recommend rat traps. There is basically no use to apply poison if you realize that it is going to bring much harm than results. Anyway, rats are getting more and more lately in this region and I’ve tried to run some statistics lately that I’ll definitely publish in the next article here on my blog about how to exterminate rats. Remember ladies and gentlemen, if anyone of you are trying to solve the rat problem on your own, just be extremely attentive and call a professional and ask for advice in case you experience something that you don’t know how to deal with.

Getting rid of rats is not as easy as most of you think it is and it might need some supervising in certain cases. This rat pest control post was dedicated to all those that consider rat poison the only good solution to manage a rat infestation.

Peter Gryzunichu
Rat Extermination for Beginners
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