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Rat Inspection

A very important factor to consider one you are coming up with a pest rat control approach is to make sure that you are able to identify first the presence of rats in your place. However, since most rats are active the entire year, you would have to make sure that you schedule routine infestation check-ups (inspections) in periodical basis to make sure that you're not missing out something. If you start noticing that there are already presence of rats in your landscape, lawn and or garden, unless your house is truly a hundred percent rat resistant, it won't be long until they would have invaded your doorsteps and messing up things around. You have to make sure therefore, that not only will you periodically check the indoors of your house, you would also have to make it a point to check the outdoors for signs of rodent infestations. This way, you are ensuring both parts of your from the possibilities of rodent destruction. As experience would have probably told you, rats are better controlled if their numbers aren't too high yet. In this state, it would require you less time and effort to get them all; few traps, few baits, and less are coverage to concern yourself about.

Perform the rat inspection both indoors and outdoors of the house. Try asking these questions and answer them based on your observations. If most would come out with a "yes" answer, then there may be a rodent infestation going on inside your house.

1. As you check through the indoor and outdoor areas in the house, particularly crevices, dark secluded corners and holes, did you find some rat droppings on them?

2. If you happen to have a pet dog or cat in the house, have you noticed rat droppings on their food containers as well?

3. Do you happen to hear some scurrying and scratching noises in the ceilings or in the attic during dusk?

4. As you dismantle your beloved firewood stack, have you unearthed some remnants of rat nests in them, hidden just right beneath the logs?

5. Does your pet cat carry dead rat carcasses from time to time after ferreting out of your line of sight?

6. Do you find evidences of rodent feeding on the nuts, fruits, and seeds that fall of to your garden? Bite and gnaw marks on the nut's or fruit's surface?

7. Is your garden beginning to deteriorate in their condition as you can evidently see huge burrows in the ground everywhere? And new ones are coming up from time to time as well?

8. Do your plants and vegetation suffer from torn leaf, worn stems and other damages due to rodent feeding or gnawing?

9.  Have you noticed of rats scurrying or chasing each other on the house pipelines and utility lines on dusk or the time soon after it?

10. Have you noticed rats, running along the seams and corners of your house every other time?

11. Have you noticed rats climbing at your home's fences from time to time?

12. Did you find multiple rat nests or dens at the back of your wardrobe, cabinet, or the refrigerator?

13. Have you noticed smudges of fur contacts on the smooth surfaces of your refrigerator, walls, glasses, beams, pipes, and rafters?

14. Are you noticing that your garbage bins seem to be open from time to time?

15. Are the garbage bins often found messy, as if someone or something just scavenged through the piles of trash?

16. After you have cleaned up your garbage bins from time to time, have you noticed rat droppings at the bottom?
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