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Rat Elimination

How to Eliminate Rats from Your House

Some people buy rats and put them in their cage safely and neatly but most of the people don’t want to see a single rat in their house. Even they forget to sleep when they get to know that there is a rat, running in his house. Sometime it happens that rats came from the outside and ran here and there in your house and then go back to their home. So when you become assure that rat make his home in your home then its time for rat elimination. Probably you may wonder why rat choose your home for their new locus.

There may be so many reason behind this such as they easily get food from your home without your notice, may be it from animal droppings, garbage cans, dropped fruits or berries at your lawn. So they think to establish in your house so that it may possible that they may got some other new tasty foods too and they make their nest in their most favorite areas such as: basements, behind cabinets, attics, or some other crawl spaces, they use these places for breeding too.

Now rat has entered your house and to get rid of them there are so many ways and it totally depends upon your humanity that which way you choose for it. The safest and human choice is to set a trap and it will be the best choice if you have pets or kids in your house. Because using poison may harm your pets and kids both. So using trap is good option, wooden snap trap is score very low in humanity scale because this will kill the rat.

Second option is glue boards which are full of adhesives and once rat try to cross it get stuck there and starve to death. It works but again if we talk about humanity then it grade is very low. Now if you want to catch more than one rat in a time then you have to choose multi catch traps which are designed as such. This trap is humane and will also filled with live rats to leave them free so while leaving them be careful. Single catch traps are also available in the market and they are also humane but they catch one pest in a time. These are the simple steps for effective and accurately rat elimination, but follow these steps with precautions.

These are some of the traps which you may choose but be sure that the trap is anchored tightly so that rat may not drag it away. Before placing the trap assure yourself that the entire family member know that where the traps are placed so that they may not let there finger in trap instead of a rat. When the rat is being trapped then its time to leave it far from the house so before letting the rat go wear the gloves and make as much distance as possible between you and rat. After handling the rat either it is live or dead you have to wash your hand properly even if you use gloves.

Once your house is free from the rats make your house less friendly for rats by clearing their source of food. Buy a canister for the food of your pets and if the pet leaves the food then dispose it off. Remove all the fruits from your garden which are fallen from the trees. Keep your garden clean and meow the grass of your garden so that rats can’t find the space to live or to breed. Use plastic or metal canister for your cereals and grains. Use dustbins which should be well sealed so that rat may not jump into it, they like these type of places because there they find lot of food for them, they are fond of chewing and they find lot of things to chew there and even they can breed there too.

Don’t put any such product as cheese, eggs, butter, meat etc. in open because they smell these things and will try to find the way to enter in your home to taste them. By taking these simple and effective precautions your home will always stay rat free.

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Rat Extermination for Beginners

Rat Smell

Removal of Rat Odors

While talking about rat smells, there are normally two types of smell in rats, such as: Rat urine smell, and dead rat smell. To remove pet rat’s urine smell is to provide them healthy and safe environment to live. Normally this is not a difficult task to accomplish if you are doing it thoroughly and consistently. By cleaning rats body is not sufficient to remove urine smells for this you have to regularly to keep urine odor away and save rats from illness.

There are some so easy steps to keep the urine odor of rats. It is easy to find shampoo for small animals in market and you may use it while bathing your rat. Always place rats in safe and clean location except their cage. Don’t leave dishes, toys or bedding in rate cage for long time. It is good to replace it time to time. Use warm water with peroxides to clean rate cage, and even use it outside of the cage too. Wash all the food dishes, water bottles and toys with cleanser. Before placing rate into its cage assure yourself that the rat cage are properly clean and dried, then place the bedding and toys for rat.

The dead rat smell is very awful. Starting smell of dead rat is small but as the time goes on it become stronger and stronger. So as soon as you got to know that there is some dead rat smell then immediate try to find out the place where the dead body is, it may be in sheds or in decks, it may also be at the back of furniture or it may be under the switch board. There are lots places where the rats may die you have to find it through their carcass smell. But before looking about the source of the smell take some precautions such as use rubber gloves, wear old cloth, if available then use filter face mask and also use goggles to protect your eyes.

Reasons behind the precautions are it may happen that the flies ants and worms are present on the rat’s carcass. If you find the source of the smell then your half work has been completed then what you have to do is to dispose the carcass (don’t throw it in open). Then spray a deodorant or room freshener where the carcass was so that the smell of deodorant or room freshener replaces the rat odor. Epoleon Corporation is one of the best company which are manufacturing number of deodorant you may get the details from the website http://www.epoleon.com.

If rats are normally disturb you by dying here and there then it is much better for you to prevent your house from the entering of rats. For this what you have to do is find those wholes, spaces or openings from where the rats may enter your house and then repair those gaps or cracks. Fill all those areas which are around pipes or drains. Never throw foods to your lawns or just outside of your house and never provide them shelter in trash. Remove those trashes on regular basis. Mowed weeds and grass, keep your assets less accommodating for rats. When rats are not able to make their house in your house then they will not die in your house and then you have not to suffer from the odor of rats.

But still if they are entering your house then it means that there are some place near to your house where rats may get shelter and food, and as per the rat’s nature they like to run out of their place and so they enter to your house for playing. And for this there are several types of traps such as spring loaded traps to use it what you have to do is just place rat’s favorite food such as raisins or peanut butter etc., for continue three to four nights and when rats become comfortable to reach there then adjust bait as directed and set them carefully. But remember rats are very intelligent so while placing traps please ensure that your hands are properly washed or it is better to wear gloves before placing trap because rats can easily recognize the human smell.

UPDATE: I've been getting reports from people willing to know more about the actual ability of rats related to their smell, so I've written an article on this topic, entitled "A Rat's Sense of Smell". Enjoy ;-)

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Rat Extermination for Beginners

Rat Proofing

Attention: This post is not about rat extermination, but caring for your home pet rat (yes, there are people out there that have such pets like hamsters, rats, mice, etc, lol) and this is a guest post written by one of my good friends Lary who runs a pest control guide website.

All rats love to roam and run outside from their holes or cages. What you have to do is to assign the area for them to run and play and make sure that your home is rat proofed. The rat proofing is same as child proofing, so that rats can not chew those items which are very expensive and even some of them risky for them too.

For rat proofing it is important to remove traps or poisons from your house. You have to cover all the wires because rats love to chew wires, television wires, compact disk player wires, telephone wires, speaker wires, and keyboard or mouse wires, actually any wire where they can reach. To prevent wire from the rats you may duck tape around wires because duck take is sticky and rats don’t like to touch duck tapes stick to rat’s teeth. Electrical tape are not effective here because they are not enough sticky to prevent it from rats. Even PVC tubes or vacuum tube may also use to prevent wire from the rats. Use screen to your which has no holes so that when you open your window then rat may not be able to get out.

Rats love to make hole or hide themselves in blanket which hang on the floor so take care and push that part of the blanket which spread on the floor so that you may not accidentally put your leg over your rat. Put all your medicines, pills, perfumes, lotions, soap, glue, and all other such type of material far from the reach of rats because they are curious and they each and everything where they may reach and specially those items which have some sort of smells. Always keep the toilet seat cover so that your rats didn’t jump in. Cover up all the gaps and wholes of your house so that a rat may not able to go outside of the house. To train a rat you may use spray bottle. Suppose if your rat is chewing something which you don’t want then hold him in your hand gently and push to the opposite direction and spray the water on them and said NO. By regularly doing this they get to know that when you said no then it means not to chew that thing.

Using plexi glass or cardboard blocked off those areas where you think that your rat should not go. Make specific area for rats and try to train them to move in that area only. For this training you may take use of spray bottle. By making specific area it become easy for you to clean that area and your rat will also safe from accident. Doors which are opening outside shut them immediately after using it so that no rats will run away. You may also use pepper in spray bottle water and spray that water on the curtain, carpet and also on furniture to prevent it from rat chewing. Always put your clothes out of reach from rats because rats love to make there nest and chewing up the piles of clothes. Don’t leave those items on floor which rats love to chew such as paper items, stuffed animals, clothes and toys.

Other animals such as cats and dogs may hurt your rats and your rat may also hurt hamsters and mice too. Try to put towels or small rugs under all the rat areas so rats don’t urinate on carpet. You may wash and change it whenever it is needed. Plants which you have in your home make sure that they should anti toxic, because rats love to chew plant’s leaf and even never use toxic fertilizers or plant chemicals. Never put garbage can in reach of rats because they love to jump over there and it may be possible that they hide themselves in bottom of the can and you just don’t know that they are in there. If wood trim is used in your house them it may be possible that the rats may chew them also. Remote buttons and mobile buttons are there favorite place to urinate and even to chew so always keep these things out of reach from the rats. So these are the simple steps of rat proofing.

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Rat Extermination for Beginners

Rat Eradication

Mainly there are three types of rats; Brown rats, House rats and Roof rats. These rats are equally harmful and carry different types of diseases. These rats carry germs and spread these germs in food. Even they can destroy the property and pollute foods too. When you look rats at your home don’t get panic, even there is no need to call pest control professional. There are too many methods for pest control and by using these methods besides rat you may prevent some extra uninvited guests too. It is easy to get rid of them without investing too much amount. Normally people think that they have problem with mice but the fact is that they should worry about rats.

Normally baby rats look like mice while they are running. So before choosing the method of eradication it is necessary to get to know that what are they, mice or rats. To assure yourself that the pest you’ve seen is rat there are some general methods through which you can easily get to know what they are actually. Try to find their droppings where they are like to cover themselves such as behind boxes, furniture and stored items as well. Length of the droppings of an adult rat can be nearly three - forth part of an inch and adult mice droppings can be only one – forth part of an inch. It may possible that the droppings you find are not recent so just check the droppings if their color are grey then it is old droppings and if their color are dark and if the droppings are pliable then it means that these droppings are new and it is time to take the eradication steps immediately.

There are different types of traps which you can use for the rat eradication, but it is only then safe if you keep those traps out of reach of kids and pets. Some spring loaded traps are available where you have to place rat’s favorite food such as raisins or peanut butter etc. for continue three to four nights and when rats become comfortable to reach there then adjust bait as directed and set them carefully. Wooden spring loaded traps are also available and these traps are baited with some sticky foods which takes effort to remove. But remember rats are very intelligent while placing traps please ensure that your hands are properly washed or it is better to wear gloves before placing trap because rats can easily recognize the human smell.

Glue traps are also available in the market where there is no bait and they are very easy to use. What you have to do is just peeled away the cover and let the adhesive to expose. The rats once come in contact with that adhesive will die normally in two to three days. But this trap is brutal method of eradication, but is the safest method too for kids and pets. Poisons are also one of the instantaneous methods same as the glue trap because poison brutally killed rats due to regular internal bleeding, and they died while searching water outside from their nest. Poison is one of the dangerous method of trapping too because if it is not placed properly and they are in reach of kids and pets then the poison may also harm them, and the person who is placing poison should make sure that he wear gloves or should wash hand with the soap properly after placing the poison.

If you are so kind hearted and you don’t want to kill rats then it is better to control rats from their first place that is let them not entering to your house. For this what you have to do is find those wholes, spaces or openings from where the rats may enter your house and then repair those gaps or cracks. Fill all those areas which are around pipes or drains. Never throw foods to your lawns or just outside of your house and never provide them shelter in trash. Remove those trashes on regular basis. Mowed weeds and grass, keep your assets less accommodating for rats, if you do all these precautions then rats may never make their home in your home.

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Rat Extermination for Beginners

Rat Deterrent

Popular and Effective Rat Deterrents

There is a wide array of rat deterrent items that can be used to drive away rats and mice from commercial as well as residential places. There are numerous toxic and other lethal methods to meet this objective.

Non-toxic deterrents against rats and mice are mostly developed from natural organic matters. An example of such a deterrent that is in popular use is the pepper mint oil repellent. When placed in a corner of the house or office or sprayed, it creates the smell of a cat’s body. Rats and mice flee away from the house or office when they smell this scent. This deterrent is non-toxic for humans as well as pets and it causes no side effects. Pepper mint oil can be used in another form to keep rats away from specific places like kitchen tables and drawers. Cotton balls wetted with pepper mint oil can be placed in such locations. Rats cannot tolerate the smell of pepper mint even from a far distance. It can also be sprayed in places regularly frequented by rats and also in their nest or den. The effectiveness of pepper mint oil can be enhanced further by adding other oils as well. Even rat catchers make use of pepper mint oil to clear complete buildings from rat infestations. They place pepper mint oil doused rugs at different entry and exit holes and drive rats to nets and bags.

Ultrasonic rat repellent is another effective and non-toxic rat deterrent that is gaining regular use. It is either battery operated or it can be plugged in to electricity board and placed in an area infested with rats or mice. It emits ultrasonic sound waves with very high frequency of nearly twenty thousand hertz which causes extreme stress to rodents. The use of this device causes rodents to immediately leave the premises of your home or office. It is safe for humans because the frequency of waves emitted by these devices can be heard only by rodents and not humans or their pets. The ultrasonic rat repellent is an environment friendly way to remove rats. It does not involve the need to handle chemicals or the body of dead rodents. Since, an ultrasonic rat repellent does not need to be replenished with any ingredient, so it is a one time purchase for the user.

Toilet cakes are also used to act as strong rat repellents. These cakes release a strongly pungent odor which is hated by rats. These can be placed in toilet bowls and used for de-odorizing and sanitizing purpose also. These cakes can be broken into tiny pieces and thrown into rat nests, holes and dens. Cedar shavings can be added to further strengthen their effectiveness and also to repel other pests.

Other ways to deter rats from coming near homes are mentioned in the following lines. One must take care to get rid of food crumbs on floor, seal food containers and keeping garbage always tightly covered. The left-over pet’s food is also a source for attracting rats and mice. One must ensure that their pets clear-off their plates and if any left-over is there then it should be cleaned-off. Once in a while running warm water mixed with a cup of bleaching powder down the pipes also keeps rats away from their source of water.

The rat repellents mentioned above are safe to use for humans, pets and even for rats. They do not cause any loitering of rat’s dead body in the house or office. These deterrents can also be placed anywhere in the house because they do not contain any toxic elements. Other rat traps like snap traps, glue traps and poisons involve loads of risk for children and pets. Accidental contact with those traps can cause harm to anyone. With snap traps and glue traps, the users needed to dispose off with rat’s bodies, which could lead to harmful infections. But, organic and eco-friendly rat deterrents relieve users from any such harm. More and more users are now switching to these effective and long-term solutions to eradicate rat infestation problems. These methods are economical and simple and there is no need to spend money regularly on replenishing or disposing the ingredient materials.

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Rat Extermination for Beginners

Rat Glue

Rat Glue Trap is An Environment Friendly and Safe Way to Trap Rats

Use of rat glue trap is an ideal way for controlling rats and mice in home, restaurants, hospitals and other environments where food is handled. In fact, it is one of the safest and easiest ways to trap rats. This non-toxic trap is also suitable from the safety point-of- view for children and pets. It is completely harmless to human beings and their pets. Schools and day care centers can positively switch to glue traps. Other places where rat glue can be used are food processing plants, bakeries, kitchens and zoos.

Glue traps consists an adhesive material applied on a card-board or plastic board. The adhesive can be a natural one or a synthetic paste. Bait is generally placed in the centre of the board. Basically there are two types of rat glue traps. They are giant glue boards and rat glue trays. The giant glue boards are meant to capture non-conventional pests like snakes, reptiles, small birds or big rats. But, rat glue trays are more suitable and compact for catching indoor rats. When rats attracted by the scent of the bait reach the board and step upon them, the sticky glue traps them to the board, rendering them immovable. Although it is argued that the trapped animal dies very slowly due to starvation, dehydration and exhaustion, but it is possible to do away with the trapped rodent by disposing them after removal with help of vegetable oil, soap water or benzene. This should be done wearing a protective glove. It is important to regularly check glue traps, so that it does not become a gruesome and prolonged death for the trapped rodent. Hence, the user must always remember the locations at which one has placed the traps.

REMEMBER: Glue traps are effective mostly for indoor use, because outdoor environment affects the adhesive material.

Glue traps have an advantage in that the rat sticks to the trap and unlike other toxic traps it does not retreat to its nest and smell after dying. Generally it happens with toxic traps that the rodent hides and dies in some in-accessible location in the house or office. Hence, using a glue trap, users don’t have to search for the stinking dead body of the rodent. Glue traps can also be cut and placed in places where it is not possible to place other traps. Due to their high effectiveness, their small cut size does not affect their performance. But, glue traps are prone to becoming ineffective due to dust and cold weather, hence it requires regular examination.

An effective way to keep these glue traps is to place them in an artificial plastic tunnel. Rats consider tunnels as good places to hide. In addition to this advantage, such a tunnel prolongs the effectiveness of the glue on the board. It also acts as a safety cover for individuals and pets from stepping on to the glue surface. The glue traps are more suitable for places which experience repeated infestation by rats and mice. The trap is most effective when placed perpendicularly near walls which are close to high rat activity areas. Other suitable places where rodents are prone to frequent are near burrows, gnawed openings or runways.

When glue boards are placed on places like pipes, ledges or poles, they should be secured tightly, so that rodents cannot move the traps. Care should be taken that rat glue traps are not placed in places accessible to birds, because there is a high chance of birds being attracted by the bait. Other advantages of glue traps are that they are clean, easy to use, and disposable. They are also silent because no springs or snaps are involved and another advantage is that they are non-lethal in nature.

Most manufacturers pre-bait the glue traps with the scent of peanut butter or molasses. The glue surface can also be pasted with chocolate, oats, bacon, cereals, meats, fruits or rat nesting material like cotton. Rats need to get used to the presence of glue traps for a few days. They will step on the traps once they get accustomed to its presence in a particular location. Rat glue traps are is an effective and environmental friendly solution to getting rid of rat infestation. Since, most of the glue traps are disposable, so they are very cheap and hence economical for regular use. The user can make rat glue trap a safe and sound solution to rat infestation by regularly monitoring the glue board for any trappings.

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Rat Extermination for Beginners

Kill Rats

How to Kill Rats Permanently

Rats are in various sizes, black and brown rats are normally found in houses. To kill rats permanently is not a difficult task but it may be stressful or little messy. Killing is not a permanent solution to be free from rats, because you may kill all the rats present in your house but what about the rats which are outside. If one rat gets and entry to your house, then it means that there is any hole or space from where other rats may also get its entry easily. Permanent solution to get rid of rats is to stop them from getting entry to your house by sealing all the holes and possible areas from where rats may get in. If you have any trees whose branches reach above to your roof top, then make sure to trim them timely, because rats may use these branches to enter in your house. Once you seal your house, then it is time to kill those rats that are in your house. There are several possible ways to kill rats and it is up to you which one suits you most.


Poison is not a very human or good way for rat control because if you want to kill rats permanently then it never works because poison will kill only some of them. It is also found that rat may die by drinking pepsi or coca cola. Since these soft drink forms gas, the rats can’t eructate for a while and go dead. After taking a small bit of food, rats wait for a while and if they feel sick they’ll stay away from eating it. If you are using poison to kill the rats, then use a poison which reacts slowly. Metal phosphide is one of them when they eat the bait which is mixed with metal phosphide a toxic phosphine gas is generated in their digestive system and rats will die after some time. But using poison is not a good way because humans are exposed to the place where rats where dead inside the home. The bad smelling odor will even cause disease to the human! The flies and insects may also sit on their carcass and it may generate a new problem for you.


While placing poison you should also take care that your kids and pets can't reach to them because poison may harm them also. So mostly people suggest using traps and consider it as a better option rather than using poison. There are some deadly traps available these days. Glue traps are one among them. These glue traps are made by synthetic or natural adhesives which could be spread on a cardboard or on plastic trays. These traps are not effective in outdoors because dust and moisture sits on the glue and thus it becomes ineffective. This should be always placed indoor where rats usually come in search for their droppings. If you find droppings, then it means that rats come to that place regularly. After placing the glue traps, set the bait in the center of the board or you may also buy scented glue trap so that rats get the smell and come to the place.

Glue traps are effective and non toxic for humans. But it is always difficult to remove rats from glue, where you have to use cooking or baby oil to remove them from it. Glue traps could never be re-used, but it may stick 2 to 3 rats in a time. You may use Snap traps also, because they are one of the best and effective traps available. It is efficient and kills the rat immediately and it can be re used as well. The only draw back it has is, if you are using it for the first time then it may hurt you also and even if it is in reach of kids and pets, then it may harm them as well.

Simple Solutions

By using these simple methods you may kill rats permanently. But don’t forget to clean the place where you find rat carcass and after removing them wash your hands properly. It might cause infection and various other problems, if you didn't clean your hands properly.

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Rat Extermination for Beginners

Rat Removal

Solutions on How to Remove Rats

Rats are found everywhere and the problem it creates is just hectic. Rats are very dangerous creatures, since they cause the deadly disease plague. Mostly rats move in a building for food and shelter! If they easily find the foods in your abode, they feel it comfortable to live in your house forever. Commonly rats intake grains but to survive they chew and eat anything. Rats nip regularly to keep its teeth sharper. Normally they eat 25-30 gm of food and drink 60 ml water per day. If rats have entered your house, then you should remove them as quickly as possible. This is because, a couple of rats will produce more than 40 babies in a year and a three months old rat will start to breed and in a year there would be more than 500 rats in your house.

Rat removal can be done in two ways possibly! One is by using chemicals, whereas the other one is by using traps. Before using the traps or chemical, you must first identify and find out the way it uses to move in your house. Rat removal situation is different for each person, and it depends upon the person humanity. If you only want to get rid of rats without killing, then use human traps and if killing rat is not an issue for you then you can use killer traps or even chemicals also. But remember, using chemical for rat removal may harm your pets and kids, since these chemicals are toxic. So while placing chemicals be sure that they are out of reach from your kids and pets. Normally after inhaling those chemicals, rats die in few minutes. It may move around anywhere inside your home and die. This makes it hard for you to find, where it is and in the meantime you will start suffering from rat’s smell which is not tolerable for any human. Still if you use chemicals and have found a dead rat, then don’t throw it in an open area rather just put their carcass in a closed dustbin and clean that place properly.

There are some deadly rat removal traps available in the market such as glue traps, snap traps etc. Glue traps are a cruel method of catching rats because once rat are trapped in, it starts struggling to free itself from those traps. While struggling, its hair and skins will be pulled out hardly and even some times they broke their own legs. In case, if the rat’s face sticks in the glue they’ll die because of suffocation. If you didn’t remove the trapped rat from the glue trap, then the rat will die in 4 to 5 days due to starvation. This is why it is important and necessary to check the glue traps regularly. If you are using glue traps and rat is stuck in glue, then drop small amount of baby or cooking oil and set the rat free far from your house. After doing this wash your hands properly with soap, even if you have used gloves.

Snap traps are also available to remove rats from your house but they will also injure the children and large pets if they are caught. Snap Trap can kill rats quickly, but if the rat is only injured then you have to kill the rat by yourself. Removing the dead rat from the trap is quiet tedious and also it is a messy job to do. It is also difficult to set the trap, because it injures the user’s finger too. Cage traps are human traps which are pretty easy to use and also they are easy to release the rat from the trap. It is also safe for children and pets, but these traps have to be checked regularly. Using these traps are stressful too, because rats are very shy animals and if they get something new to their surrounding then they will never go to that place until they get familiar of that. So it may take 2 or 3 days for the rats to be caught and this is also true that sometimes this trap is ineffective and rats may eat the bait without getting caught. Electrical traps are also available, but it is true that it also difficult to clean them.

Protections from rats are always better than the removal of rats. Clear all those things from your house which rats love to eat or chew. Doing so, you can stay away from those mischievous rats.

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Rat Extermination for Beginners

Rat Repellent

The REAL Role of a Rodent Repellent

Not a long time ago, I have read in a local newspaper an article in which the author claimed that if on the earth human kind was not dominant one that with high certainty it would be rats. Or simpler, if the earth was not overpopulated with the humans it would be over populated with the rats. They would rule with everything on this planet. Why? Because there are not other animal species on this planet, except mice and rats have ability to carry out the experience to their children.

The same is done by the humans with their children.

So, this tells us that we have respectful opponent against us when we want get rid of these pests. They are ruining our perfect picture of nice familiar life. They are interrupting our peaceful afternoon with the constant and at the same time annoying noise that they are making while they are stilling our food. Oh, can you imagine how your child will react when he or she will see a mouse near the bed. And also how loud will scream. And finally when a mother rat has just bear out exactly in your house mice will appear everywhere. All in all, these creatures are not so dangerous i.e. they can not physically hurt you but they can harm you by exposing you on an enormous psychological pain.

This is War

This means that we are in a war with these little smart enemies. In a war we can use numerous techniques in order to become the winners and finally to have calm and peaceful moments in our own house.

Yes, today on the market there are a lot of assets which will help us to get rid of the rats in the home. And production, distribution and selling of these products are multimillion businesses nowadays. But wait a second, when talking about rat repellent we are talking primarily about not-poisonous and preferably home made chemicals that will not in any way harm to our health and/or life. Also we should be aware that the aim is not to kill these animals – because with killing them we have another big problem. Namely, we do not have rats in the house but we have a lot of corps which are spreading intolerable odor in some rooms. And also every poison for one animal is a poison for other living being. So, my advice is to avoid poisonous products because they can easily harm on the health of your pets and even your little children.

To get rid of the rats, there is a little secret.

Rats can not endure certain odors, and these odors are totally harmless for the humans and often hardly noticeable. One of the most used and at the same time entirely harmless rat repellent is the peppermint odor. Everything that you should do is to go in a supermarket and buy peppermint oil. Next you will need some small pieces of thread or cotton balls. Put the peppermint oil on the thread and place it on places where you have previously noticed mice and rats. They can not stand this odor and will immediately abandon this place and your house probably.

Another aroma not tolerable for the rats is the aroma of the liquid placed for aromatizing toilet bowl. It has never been this easy – just apply this liquid as the previous method and the rats will run forever from your house or apartment.

Also the last mentioned but as effective as previous ones is placing the cat litter on the location where the rats are. This has double effect: First, the rats can not stand the ammonia odor and thus will immediately leave that place and second, mice and rats are scared by the cats and other similar predators and the smell of its litter will lead them to the conclusion that danger is near and it is very clever to abandon the place.

In order to have full effect of these home made products it is very important to regularly change or in other words refresh the odors. This has to be done every second or maximum third day. It is also very important to place these on locations where the rats and mice were previously noticed. And also spread them across whole apartment or house.

Peter Gryzunichu
Rat Extermination for Beginners

Roof Rats

Introducing "Rattus"

The Genus species of roof rat is Rattus. Roof rats are also known as ship rat or black rat. The kingdom of the roof rats is Animalia and their color are black and they have long tail of nearly 6 to 8 inches. Roof rats like to eat vegetables, pet food, grain, nuts, berries, fruits, grains, rotten food and snails. Roof rats are known as roof rats because they are tremendous climbers and they use to live on top of the buildings such as in attic or on roof. They also used to live in garages, unused boxes, under floors, sheds, or in thick grass. Roof rat normally lives 90 percent of their life above the ground. Roof rat’s vision is very poor and even they are color blind too, but their sense of smell, taste, touch and hearing is very strong. Roof rats entered from ground level of any building. These rats produce 6 to 12 babies in one time and 4 to 6 times in a year. Pregnancy period of these rats are only for 21 to 23 days and they start breeding when they are three months older. Total age of these rats is 12-18 months only.


Roof rats produce their baby in their nests such as in attic or in some sheds which they feel the safest place of the house. Their babies are hairless and tiny, their eyes are sealed closed which open within two weeks of nursing. When they became three months old then they start their reproduction. Rats life cycle is too short but they produce more than 40 babies are born by one female roof rat. Roof rats are actually very shy whenever they found something new in their area they avoid to be in contact with them for days until they become familiar with them that it will not make them any harm. Rats never change their path because when they come to know that the path on which he is moving is safe. Although their eyesight are not good but they leave strong odor which tells them where they have to run. They also leave urine marks and they follow the scents which are known to them.


Roof rat carries several diseases from years such as: Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome which is also known as HPS. It is a dangerous disease which transmits from rat’s droppings, saliva and urine. Murine Typhus is transmitted to human from rat fleas. Travelers who visit to humid tropical countries can be infected by this disease because these rats can be found their always. Rat bite fever which is also called RBF is a bacterial illness which is sourced by Streptobacillus moniliformis that can be entered through bite or scratch in human from rat. Or it may also harm by eating or drinking food or water which is been tasted by some rats. Salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium causes diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and abdominal cramps which may affect them for 7 to 8 days. Leptospirosis disease affects humans and animals through bacteria. Symptoms of this disease are severe headache, vomiting, jaundice, red eyes, diarrhea, abdominal pain, muscle aches and chills. If disease stays long then the infected one may die due to liver failure, meningitis or by kidney damage. Eosinophilic Meningitis infected the brain in which the number of eosinophilis is increase and the white blood cells are infected by this worm.


To get rid of these rats, the first step what you have to do is make sure they can't get in your house. They may enter from any where if you leave a single hole in your house then it means that you are inviting a rat to be your guest. If there are any gapping or holes then fill it with steel plating and mesh because rats can’t chew the steel. Now if you want to remove rats then use trap in attic or where you found that rats are normally move. It is also important to remove rat from the trap safely if it is alive. The keyword to save your house from rats are clean your house from rat foods, because if they don’t have food in your house then they won’t like to live with you.

Peter Gryzunichu
Rat Extermination for Beginners

Rat Bait

Rat Bait Tips & Techniques

Rats and mice are very clever animals. If you want to get rid of them, you should use some techniques that will lure the rat into the trap. But, this is never so easy because the rats have extraordinary memory and they communicate among them about possible danger in their surrounding. Namely, the trap can be placed on a certain location with days or weeks without any success although the house is full of rats. Because of this some of basic principles about the traps and bait should be followed.

First of all is to determine where the rats are and where they are going. So, take a little examination about that where the trap should be located. Now, in order to catch a rat in your trap all you need to have is a trap and bait. The bait can be everything that will be tasty and will smell nice for the rats. As a bait can be used a lot of products used by the people and is placed in the fridge.

In order to lure the rat into the trap you should minimize all the food available to the rats. So, put the food on the save location and suddenly the rats will start to starve. This will lead in two possible incomes: the rats will abandon the location i.e. your home because they will realize that there is not enough food or will dare to enter the trap in order to take the food from inside. And you have a solution for your problem. You finally get rid of all these pests.

Now we have come to the point to ask ourselves what is the best bait that can be used for this purposes? Well, the answer is simple. The best bait that can be used will be fresh food, the food with strong odor that the rats can smell it from solid distance. The peanut butter is always a good option, but I will say again if you previously minimize the food abundance to the rats and if the trap is placed near the rats anything can be good. Also, you can go on the market or to browse over the Internet in order to find some artificial bait for rats and other rodents. But, be aware before buying some of these you should be informed if these baits are poisonous or not.

If you have decided to use non-toxic bait in your trap for the rats it will be easier because with this you actually are avoiding some unwanted consequences. Using a poison as bait should be handled with highest possible measures of caution. Why? Because the poison is not killing only the rats, mice and other rodent but they can be dangerous for your pets. So, be sure that the trap is located on a safe position away from the reach of your pets or children. Also, when using a poison as bait for the rats you should know that rat should not leave the trap after eating the poison. Because, if we assume that the rat was lured into the trap and ate the bait which contains some toxic materials in it, then the rat somehow succeeds to escape from the trap. The result will be dead rat somewhere in your house which spreads intolerable odor. And more it contains a poison in it. So, please take great care about this when using poison as bait for rats.

And finally, we should also mention that it is strongly recommended to change the baits from time to a time. As we mentioned above, rats and mice communicate between themselves about the possible danger. So let assume that we have placed poisoned peanut butter as bait.

The scenario will be as follows: they will send the oldest rat to assess if the new food is safe or not. If nothing happens in couple of hours after tasting the food they all go there and share the food. But, if the rat is captured or dies in these couple of hours they know that it is a trap and will not repeat the same mistake. So, all that remains to us is to change the bait or to change the location of the trap or both.

Peter Gryzunichu
Rat Extermination for Beginners

Rat Zapper

A Modern Way to Kill the Rodents

These days the technology is an essential thing of human life as it is changing rapidly with the every passing day with our needs. There is nothing that remained unaffected from the technology. The way of rodent control has also changed with the changing time. Now one can see and admire this change into the improvement of technology that has made life easier and convenient. These days the rat zapper has emerged as a new and effective technology in rodent control. The latest mechanism of rodent control has made it possible a human to eliminate mice and rats from the houses.

As these rodents are the cause of several infectious diseases it is very harmful for human lives. One can ask to a person who is suffering from such severe infestation about how the problem begins with a nagging pain that leads to the total eradication of whole body. A rat zapper is now the best way to skip from these rodents as it has emerged as a powerful tool against these rodents. Though there is a harmless method is available in the market even then there is a large expectance of the various ordinary mouse traps that includes poisoned bait, snap traps and glue traps.

There are various other electronic traps that are more popular. The Rat Zapper is a discovery of Mr. Robert Noe that is now manufacturing by his own company. There are twelve countries who have accepted this new technology of Rat Zapper. The rat zapper has supplemented with the technology to make it modern and more effective. There are two models of this rat zapper are available in the market both have electronic technology that is used to deliver an electric shock to the fatal that use to kill the rodents on being in contact immediately.

The Rat zapper is especially modified and extended for the commercial establishments and larger homes for the rodent control the extended system of it is known as the rat zapper battle station. It is very easy to use as one can placed it in the remote position. It can also track the rat tale that is cord attachment.

There are various other modern methods of pest control are also available in the market. Both of these are based on the electronic method on pest control. The both ultra magnetic and ultra sonic method have been appreciated by its users. These two modern pest control devices use to create a high frequency of magnetic waves and sound waves respectively to get rid off from the rodents but after switching these devices off the rodents always return though these two devices are not able to solve this problem permanently.

The sound create by ultrasonic waves can also put some bad effect on human and pets both so it is not a profitable way to make your house or organization free from rats and mice. The rat zapper is very safe, effective and natural instead of other devices as it does not interfere with the other thing present where the rat zapper use to placed to kill the rodents.

The rat zapper has made in a way that as anything comes in the contact to complete the circuit a current generate so as a rat or mice come to contact with the rat zapper it will complete the circuit and generate a current to kill the rodent. Various kind of baits are also used to placed with the rat zapper to let the rat or mice come to eat it and as they come to eat the current generated by the completion of circuit make them to die. After killing the rat or mice one can easily through those out by not letting the body of the killed rodent to generate any kind of infection in the environment.

One can use cheese, bread, grains, peanuts and various other things as bait to attract the rat or mice towards the rat zapper. This electronic device works more efficiently in the nights as the rodents like rats and mice are more effective at nights. One can search the pictures and varieties of several rat zappers online, the costs of these rat zappers are also variable. If you already have a rat zapper then you can contact to the rat zapper customer care for any kind of problem of this equipment.

Peter Gryzunichu
Rat Extermination for Beginners
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