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Most Humane Rat Control Approaches

There are actually a lot of varieties of rat poisons and traps available in the market to use when applying rat control approaches. The only concern of RSPCA is that most of these approaches are inhumane, involving an extended and excruciating process of killing the rodent, making it quite cruel. The following items highlighted below in this article are tips and advices on how to approach rat control in the most humane way possible using the most humane forms of rat control and at the same preserving the essence of effective rat control.

Live Traps

Since time immemorial the use live traps have been proven to be the most efficient and convenient rat control approach. It became even more popular throughout the years because of its humane approach in dealing with rats that cause problems in the house. Since most people are a bit squeamish about killing rodents by snapping their heads off, they would most likely prefer using this type of traps rather than those that immediately exterminate their catch. However, the humanness of the trap may depend on how one would use it in itself; if it's not used to dehydrate or starve the captured rats to death, as well as to the kind of bait being used whether if it's poisoned or not. Such consequences can be eliminated if the live traps are regular checked. In times when it captures something, one would have to make it a point to immediately dispose the ensnared rat. Make sure as well that the rats are disposed in a distant location to avoid recursion. Recent research has discovered that there are minimal chances of survival for rats when they are disposed out from their natural habitats. They could either die from starvation or be preyed by their natural predators. Either ways, you are not responsible for their deaths and that their deaths are more natural per se.

It is important as well that the design of the live traps being used is not for inducing injury to what it captures. Before purchasing, closely inspect the design of the trap to ensure that it will not injure the trapped mice once it catches one. Make it a point as well to check the trap regularly to avoid rats to slowly die within the trap.

Snap Traps

If you still want a humane but definitely faster approach in dealing with rats in your house, you can have snap traps as your option. A well designed snap trap can effectively capture a live rat or mouse and will immediately deliver a fatal blow to it, making its death less painful as possible. Then again, you have to check closely the design of the snap traps you purchase to ensure that wouldn't be any flaws in the snapping process. A flawed snapping may lead to torturing the captured rat long term. Snap traps are usually in different sizes to accommodate the different sizes of rats or mice. Make it a point also to have snap traps that are totally reusable.

Guides on Setting a Snap Trap Up

1. Make sure that the bait is placed on its appropriate location within the trap. Free the trap from any food morsels in any parts of it apart from the bait spot. This will lessen the possibility of injuring the animal to death rather than instantly killing it when the trap snaps. There are a lot of baits you can probably use, from peanut butter, left over chicken, dried fruit or bread crumbs. Make sure the baits are fresh every time so changed it regularly.

2. Place the trap in the right locations so that it will surely have a catch. Ideally, place the trap in the wall corners with it lays on the rat pathways. This will increase the possibility of the rat walking right into it.

3. Seek assistance when setting and resetting it up if you are a beginner.
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