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How to Kill Rats Permanently

Rats are in various sizes, black and brown rats are normally found in houses. To kill rats permanently is not a difficult task but it may be stressful or little messy. Killing is not a permanent solution to be free from rats, because you may kill all the rats present in your house but what about the rats which are outside. If one rat gets and entry to your house, then it means that there is any hole or space from where other rats may also get its entry easily. Permanent solution to get rid of rats is to stop them from getting entry to your house by sealing all the holes and possible areas from where rats may get in. If you have any trees whose branches reach above to your roof top, then make sure to trim them timely, because rats may use these branches to enter in your house. Once you seal your house, then it is time to kill those rats that are in your house. There are several possible ways to kill rats and it is up to you which one suits you most.


Poison is not a very human or good way for rat control because if you want to kill rats permanently then it never works because poison will kill only some of them. It is also found that rat may die by drinking pepsi or coca cola. Since these soft drink forms gas, the rats can’t eructate for a while and go dead. After taking a small bit of food, rats wait for a while and if they feel sick they’ll stay away from eating it. If you are using poison to kill the rats, then use a poison which reacts slowly. Metal phosphide is one of them when they eat the bait which is mixed with metal phosphide a toxic phosphine gas is generated in their digestive system and rats will die after some time. But using poison is not a good way because humans are exposed to the place where rats where dead inside the home. The bad smelling odor will even cause disease to the human! The flies and insects may also sit on their carcass and it may generate a new problem for you.


While placing poison you should also take care that your kids and pets can't reach to them because poison may harm them also. So mostly people suggest using traps and consider it as a better option rather than using poison. There are some deadly traps available these days. Glue traps are one among them. These glue traps are made by synthetic or natural adhesives which could be spread on a cardboard or on plastic trays. These traps are not effective in outdoors because dust and moisture sits on the glue and thus it becomes ineffective. This should be always placed indoor where rats usually come in search for their droppings. If you find droppings, then it means that rats come to that place regularly. After placing the glue traps, set the bait in the center of the board or you may also buy scented glue trap so that rats get the smell and come to the place.

Glue traps are effective and non toxic for humans. But it is always difficult to remove rats from glue, where you have to use cooking or baby oil to remove them from it. Glue traps could never be re-used, but it may stick 2 to 3 rats in a time. You may use Snap traps also, because they are one of the best and effective traps available. It is efficient and kills the rat immediately and it can be re used as well. The only draw back it has is, if you are using it for the first time then it may hurt you also and even if it is in reach of kids and pets, then it may harm them as well.

Simple Solutions

By using these simple methods you may kill rats permanently. But don’t forget to clean the place where you find rat carcass and after removing them wash your hands properly. It might cause infection and various other problems, if you didn't clean your hands properly.

Peter Gryzunichu
Rat Extermination for Beginners
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