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Dangers of Rat Droppings

Subject: Be precautious of any rat droppings you find!

An office in Maui, a stock clerk was asked to clean up a storeroom which apparently has been neglected for quite some time already.

A while after the clerk returned and was complaining as to how filthy the storage area was and that he have noticed a lot of rodent droppings in the place. He commented on how he had to clean them all up with much effort as the dried droppings were quite difficult to remove. They seem to have attached to the surfaces as they have dried.

Some days later, he started to feel uptight feelings in his stomach as if he feels like coming down with a flu. Symptoms start to develop like headaches, achy joints, and have felt nauseous the entire time. He has been throwing up the entire time. Soon as he went to bed after feeling all the symptoms, he never ever got up anymore. And after a couple of days of feeling weak and ill, he decided to have himself confined to the hospital. He then discovered that his blood count was low, his blood sugar is down to 66 and everything about him is turning yellow. According to the doctors that examined him, he was suffering already from massive organ failure.

As soon as the doctor discovered about his illness, he immediately transferred from the ER to St. Francis hospital for better facilitation and medication of the illness he is having. Soon after that, the doctor notified his relatives as well that the man doesn't have much time anymore to live. In the ICU, the group of doctors that were closely examining and treating him were trying their best to stabilize the condition of the person. According to them, that if ever a miracle would take place and that he would make it out alive from his present condition, he would need a new liver, a new pair of kidneys, bladder and then pancreas. It didn't take long until he died from his condition. It was around midnight that he was proclaimed to be clinically dead.

Normally, it would have been improbable to establish a link between his work and his death. However, the doctors that examined him have been quite persistent in asking his relatives and people concerned, if there was a time that he came in close encounter or exposed to any presence of rat droppings form anywhere.

Soon as they were asked that question, the doctors then revealed unto them that the former patient had manifestations of what seems to be hanta virus, which has infiltrated his system and have caused all the organ failures in his body.

Hanta virus is a kind of virus that is more often found in rats. This virus has the characteristic of thriving through the harshest of conditions. They are also found thriving in rat droppings and once the droppings dry up, it will assimilate itself to the air as dust particles. Since the virus airborne as well, it can be communicated to the people around who have smelled the air. This is perhaps the reason why the person in this article was able to contract the disease.

It is imperative that we take the necessary extra precautions once dealing with rat droppings. We now know that there is a possibility of contracting dangerous diseases in them and we can't just simply pick them up right away without using any barriers that would prevent direct skin contact on the rat dropping. May we be warned of this email of the dangers of rat diseases.
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