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Simple Toys to Keep a Clever Rat Busy

There is no doubt that rats are cunning and smart. In fact, they can already outwit rat traps and even avoid rat poison by experience. However, this does not mean that they cannot and do not appreciate the simple things. Pet rats, for example, are most amused with simple toys. Some of these toys are listed below:

1. Simple Rock

Who would have guessed that rats are also interested in rocks? Being highly inquisitive animals, rats will definitely want to spend a couple of minutes sniffing through various rock collections; then, they would start climbing up and down the rocks once they get a little more comfortable with them. Of course, by virtue of being rodents, there is always the possibility that the rats would pee and leave dropping on the rocks while some would dig around them to "inquire" some more. Moreover, playing with rocks will also keep your rats claws blunt.

2. Bookshelf Paradise

Rats love to "destroy" literature, if you have some books and magazines that need shredding, might as well utilize your rats. Take out all the important books and stuff from your bookshelf, leave only those which are meant to be thrown away; add the rats and enjoy the scene LOL. You will see just how much your rats love scurrying through the shelf, nibbling old literature to pieces. Of course, after the fun, you also need to clean up the mess.

3. Sack Attack

Using an old pillow case, make a "tunnel" through which your rat can pass to and fro. You can either leave the other side closed or you can cut it open so that your rat can enter and leave the "tunnel" through each edge. Tie the upper flap of the entrance and the exit with a string to keep them open.

4. Towel Maze

This is the simplest way to keep your rats busy. Simply drop a towel, bed sheet or a wide sheet of rug over your pet rats and see how they will find their way out of the "maze". Be sure to use an old sheet because your rats will most likely chew through them if they find it too difficult to get out "naturally".

5. Long Pipe

You can be creative and make your own pipe using some rolled cardboards or a couple of plastic water bottles (with both ends removed). Tape the cardboard tubes or the water bottles together to make a long pipeline. You can also buy a good length of some flexible hose with a diameter wide enough to accommodate a rat. Your pet rats will enjoy passing through these pipelines from one end to another.

6. Tug of War

Play tug of war with your pet by letting it pull on end of a shoelace with their mouth while you hold the other end. Play with your rat a little bit but give them the win. Once your rat gets the shoelace all for itself, the best way to get it back is to trade it with some treats.

7. Ping Pong Ball

Rats love "playing" with a ping pong ball because it is light and it literally just rolls over every time they try to chew on it. Thus, rats would endlessly chase the ball. It is ideal when the ball is kept inside the rat's cage, that way, the mouse will not lose the ball.
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