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Fun Activities for Rats

Pet lovers around the world may have different opinions when it comes to how animals should be treated and cared for, but they all believe in one thing -- it is imperative to make them happy and comfortable. In lieu to this, owners would invest on treats and toys just to keep their pets busy and active; others even bring their pets to animal grooming parlours or enlist their pets to various fun activities. Pet rats for example, are engaged to mini social gatherings to meet fellow pet rats in the neighborhood through rat Olympics and other similar events. However, if you are the less "social" type and you'd rather keep your pet at home with you, is it still possible for your pet to have fun? Well, you are reading the right article. This post is all about the various rat games which you can initiate at home.

Fish for the Peas Game

Rats would definitely love this game especially during hot summer days. It is also very easy to prepare; simply get a shallow tray or bowl that is enough to fit a couple of rats. A large painting tray is the most perfect choice because of its angled flooring which means that the depth of the "pool" will also vary. Of course, it is up to the owner's prerogative to make sure that the water level is shallow enough to not drown the rats that would be "playing" in it. In order to make the game less messy, the owner is advised to place the tray or the bowl on water-proof flooring -- no wood or carpet. For added protection, he/she may place plastic sheeting in the area where the activity is supposed to take place (a shower curtain is an excellent alternative).

It is also wise to keep a towel nearby so that the rats can simply run into it just in case it feels a little too cold being wet. Without the towel, it is very possible for the rats to run to the nearest water-absorbing material it can bump to -- too bad if that is your antique sofa or your expensive draperies, right? Once everything is set, you can now toss in the peas; frozen packed or canned peas will work just fine, but if your rat prefers other foodstuff (i.e. corn) just give them what they would like most.

Don't worry about the different reactions you might get from your rats. All rats are comfortable in the water, though some would be nervous at first and would only nibble on the peas with their pointed mouth without actually jumping into the pool; well, others would be daring enough to dive into the "pool" without hesitations - how ever your rat likes it, it will definitely have so much fun.

Piñata for the Rats

Rats, just like little kids, also enjoy jumping again and again just to grab a couple of hanged up goodies. A for-rat-only piñata is slightly different from that which kids play with. The rat version is simply a cardboard tube with each end secured by a yarn. The tube is hung in the play area of the rats; it's height just enough to let the rat reach and shake it. Sunflower seeds, chips, peas, corn and other rat-treats are placed inside the tube. Of course, every time the rats swing the tube, the treats will fall out from the sides of the tube. After a couple of tries, the rats will get it that every time they reach out to the tube, they will get some treats.

This activity is also used by rat owners to "force" their pets to get some exercise since jumping and reaching to shake the cardboard tube will definitely require some form of effort from the rat. Because playing the Piñata does not require any human intervention, owners can use it to keep their pets busy while they go out for work or while you sleep at night.
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