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Nice To Know Facts About Rats

Rats are rodents that are larger than mice, and have a long, thin tail. Commonly, rats are mistaken to be big mice, but these rodents greatly differ from each other. Just by the naked eye, they may look the same, but careful assessment of their appearance and genetics would tell that they vary from each other. As I scanned further on literature, I have known quite several fun facts about rats. I will list it all here, and for sure you'll be amazed of what you will find out.

Rats in Different Cultures

• In India, rats are believed to be the vehicle of their God, Ganesha. In the temple of the Hindu goddess, Karni Mata, there lived thousands of rats. Aside from its name, Temple of Deshnoke, this temple is also called the "temple of rats". In here, they feed the rats well, and even eat the rats' leftovers because they believe that it is a blessing from God. Also, if you happen to kill a rat, you must replace it with a golden rat statue.
• In China, rat symbolizes prosperity and astuteness.  The rat is the first symbol among the 12-year cycle Chinese Zodiac.
• During the Mayan civilization and ancient Egypt, rats were being worshiped.
• In ancient Rome, Romans regarded the rat as a sign of good luck.

Rat's Physicality

• Rats have glands on the sole of their feet so they can leave a scented wet trail in their way. Through this, it will be easy for them to go back from where they come from.
• Rats have long, thin tails which made them very keen when it comes to balance. That is why, rats are very good climbers. Also, rats use their tail to regulate temperature and to communicate.
• Rats don't have thumbs, tonsils, gallbladder, and canine teeth, but they have bellybuttons.
Rats have poor vision. They cannot see well in colors. To adjust to this, they tend to move their gaze from side to side to create motion and see better.

Rat’s Abilities

• Rats are very good swimmers. It can swim for about three days without drowning.
• Rats are among the most curious and intelligent creature on earth.
• Rats can be very social animal when trained and kept away from its kind.
• Rats can be trained easily.
• Generally, rats are nocturnal. It is active during twilight or dusk.
• If you think rats gnaw on wood and wires only, then you are wrong because rats can in fact nibble through metal and concrete according to one literature that I have read.
• Rats are very intelligent. It is very hard to trap or poison them because they don't right away get near in an unfamiliar thing, or if they find the food not good, they will not eat it again.

Fun to Know

• Rats can mate as fast as two seconds.
• A group of rats is called pack or mischief.
• Rats can eat animals that are smaller than they are.
Rats can be very good pets. Female rats are more playful, so the most preferred pet by people is the male rat because it is more attentive and easy to be trained.
• You cannot get rabies from rats.
• Rats are very famous in television. They have appeared in movies and series for hundreds of times already.
Parent female rats are called dams, while the female rats alone are called does.
Male rats are called bucks.
Baby rats are also called kittens or pups.

It is always nice to know more about the things in our environment. It increases our awareness with regards to their existence. Now, because we have known about rats more, perhaps it will be helpful if we will get away with it in a nice and humane way. There are those who find them as blessings, so if you are one of those who are disgusted by them, better think of respecting others and the rights of rats to coexist with the ecosystem. 
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