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Fancy Rat Breeds

As much as rats are disgusted, they are also loved (at least, the fancy ones). Thousands of people around the world are hooked up into collecting different breeds of fancy rats, which are expensive by the way. These rats have developed such rapport among the rich and the avid pet lovers because of their unique physical traits -- actually, most people are fond of these rodents because each one can already qualify as a rare "collection" on its own. Each breed is a sure attention-grabber and owners would definitely get a share of that attention. This is not to undermine fancy rat keepers though, as there are those who keep such rats for pure self-satisfaction and self-fulfilment.

1. Turpins

These are excessively marked rats, having wide coloured bands all throughout their bodies. Turpins are most distinguishable because of their faces (which are very similar to that of a roan) and their very pointed ears. Overall, these rats have white base coverings sprinkled with brightly coloured shades.

2. Spotted Downunder

The white blaze (which is a very rare rat covering combination) usually appears in the Spotter Downunder breed. These rats even become more desirable when they have spots on the sides and by being more in-demand, these rats also tend to be more expensive than their kin. However, if the white-coloured portion of the rat's covering has yellow staining, it also becomes less desirable among rat keepers; as a result, the price of such rats also goes down.

3. Satin

Unlike most rats with coarse coverings, satin rats have very sheen coats which would almost make the rat emit a metallic glow. Satins can appear in all kinds of species, and each time they do, one can almost expect a rat auction which will make the highest bidder the rat's new owner.

4. Russian Silver

When rats are born with pale greyish-blue coverings, they are called Russian Silvers. The more expensive ones are those with even colours all throughout their bodies (including their underside). These rats have black eyes. Another variety falling under this classification is the Russian Silver Agouti. These rats are almost very similar to the regular Russian Silvers, only that their base colour is light brown and their underside is mostly pale silver in colour. Their eyes are still black just like the other Russian Silvers.

5. Powder Blue

What is there to not like about a blue rat? The powder blues got their fame primarily because of their colour. These rats have silver base colours sprinkled with blue "dust" all throughout. Their undersides are silver and their eyes may be black of red. Powder blues become more expensive when their colour gear toward becoming solid powder blue.

6. Russian Dove

For some weird reasons, these rats are called doves. Of course, they are not bird-rats (rats with wings); rather, they are ordinary rats with level grey coverings all throughout their bodies. Some Russian Doves have red eyes while others have black; but all of them have silver undersides.

7. Merle

Not to be confused with white rats, Meles actually have pearl (off-white) coverings unlike the famous white lab rats and Albinos which have pure white ones.  These rats also have a kind of pattern of markings evenly distributed throughout their bodies.

7. Platinum

Platinums became famous because of their very distinct color: ice-blue. This term is reserved for a shade of blue that is somewhat evenly mixed with grey, giving us the impression that the rat can either be blue or grey. Just like more rare breeds, the undersides of these rats also have the same coverings as their upper bodies. In general, Platinums have red eyes, but some breeds also tend to develop lighter shades of red.
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