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Rat Bait

Rat Bait Tips & Techniques

Rats and mice are very clever animals. If you want to get rid of them, you should use some techniques that will lure the rat into the trap. But, this is never so easy because the rats have extraordinary memory and they communicate among them about possible danger in their surrounding. Namely, the trap can be placed on a certain location with days or weeks without any success although the house is full of rats. Because of this some of basic principles about the traps and bait should be followed.

First of all is to determine where the rats are and where they are going. So, take a little examination about that where the trap should be located. Now, in order to catch a rat in your trap all you need to have is a trap and bait. The bait can be everything that will be tasty and will smell nice for the rats. As a bait can be used a lot of products used by the people and is placed in the fridge.

In order to lure the rat into the trap you should minimize all the food available to the rats. So, put the food on the save location and suddenly the rats will start to starve. This will lead in two possible incomes: the rats will abandon the location i.e. your home because they will realize that there is not enough food or will dare to enter the trap in order to take the food from inside. And you have a solution for your problem. You finally get rid of all these pests.

Now we have come to the point to ask ourselves what is the best bait that can be used for this purposes? Well, the answer is simple. The best bait that can be used will be fresh food, the food with strong odor that the rats can smell it from solid distance. The peanut butter is always a good option, but I will say again if you previously minimize the food abundance to the rats and if the trap is placed near the rats anything can be good. Also, you can go on the market or to browse over the Internet in order to find some artificial bait for rats and other rodents. But, be aware before buying some of these you should be informed if these baits are poisonous or not.

If you have decided to use non-toxic bait in your trap for the rats it will be easier because with this you actually are avoiding some unwanted consequences. Using a poison as bait should be handled with highest possible measures of caution. Why? Because the poison is not killing only the rats, mice and other rodent but they can be dangerous for your pets. So, be sure that the trap is located on a safe position away from the reach of your pets or children. Also, when using a poison as bait for the rats you should know that rat should not leave the trap after eating the poison. Because, if we assume that the rat was lured into the trap and ate the bait which contains some toxic materials in it, then the rat somehow succeeds to escape from the trap. The result will be dead rat somewhere in your house which spreads intolerable odor. And more it contains a poison in it. So, please take great care about this when using poison as bait for rats.

And finally, we should also mention that it is strongly recommended to change the baits from time to a time. As we mentioned above, rats and mice communicate between themselves about the possible danger. So let assume that we have placed poisoned peanut butter as bait.

The scenario will be as follows: they will send the oldest rat to assess if the new food is safe or not. If nothing happens in couple of hours after tasting the food they all go there and share the food. But, if the rat is captured or dies in these couple of hours they know that it is a trap and will not repeat the same mistake. So, all that remains to us is to change the bait or to change the location of the trap or both.

Peter Gryzunichu
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