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Rat Eradication

Mainly there are three types of rats; Brown rats, House rats and Roof rats. These rats are equally harmful and carry different types of diseases. These rats carry germs and spread these germs in food. Even they can destroy the property and pollute foods too. When you look rats at your home don’t get panic, even there is no need to call pest control professional. There are too many methods for pest control and by using these methods besides rat you may prevent some extra uninvited guests too. It is easy to get rid of them without investing too much amount. Normally people think that they have problem with mice but the fact is that they should worry about rats.

Normally baby rats look like mice while they are running. So before choosing the method of eradication it is necessary to get to know that what are they, mice or rats. To assure yourself that the pest you’ve seen is rat there are some general methods through which you can easily get to know what they are actually. Try to find their droppings where they are like to cover themselves such as behind boxes, furniture and stored items as well. Length of the droppings of an adult rat can be nearly three - forth part of an inch and adult mice droppings can be only one – forth part of an inch. It may possible that the droppings you find are not recent so just check the droppings if their color are grey then it is old droppings and if their color are dark and if the droppings are pliable then it means that these droppings are new and it is time to take the eradication steps immediately.

There are different types of traps which you can use for the rat eradication, but it is only then safe if you keep those traps out of reach of kids and pets. Some spring loaded traps are available where you have to place rat’s favorite food such as raisins or peanut butter etc. for continue three to four nights and when rats become comfortable to reach there then adjust bait as directed and set them carefully. Wooden spring loaded traps are also available and these traps are baited with some sticky foods which takes effort to remove. But remember rats are very intelligent while placing traps please ensure that your hands are properly washed or it is better to wear gloves before placing trap because rats can easily recognize the human smell.

Glue traps are also available in the market where there is no bait and they are very easy to use. What you have to do is just peeled away the cover and let the adhesive to expose. The rats once come in contact with that adhesive will die normally in two to three days. But this trap is brutal method of eradication, but is the safest method too for kids and pets. Poisons are also one of the instantaneous methods same as the glue trap because poison brutally killed rats due to regular internal bleeding, and they died while searching water outside from their nest. Poison is one of the dangerous method of trapping too because if it is not placed properly and they are in reach of kids and pets then the poison may also harm them, and the person who is placing poison should make sure that he wear gloves or should wash hand with the soap properly after placing the poison.

If you are so kind hearted and you don’t want to kill rats then it is better to control rats from their first place that is let them not entering to your house. For this what you have to do is find those wholes, spaces or openings from where the rats may enter your house and then repair those gaps or cracks. Fill all those areas which are around pipes or drains. Never throw foods to your lawns or just outside of your house and never provide them shelter in trash. Remove those trashes on regular basis. Mowed weeds and grass, keep your assets less accommodating for rats, if you do all these precautions then rats may never make their home in your home.

Peter Gryzunichu
Rat Extermination for Beginners
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