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Rat Deterrent

Popular and Effective Rat Deterrents

There is a wide array of rat deterrent items that can be used to drive away rats and mice from commercial as well as residential places. There are numerous toxic and other lethal methods to meet this objective.

Non-toxic deterrents against rats and mice are mostly developed from natural organic matters. An example of such a deterrent that is in popular use is the pepper mint oil repellent. When placed in a corner of the house or office or sprayed, it creates the smell of a cat’s body. Rats and mice flee away from the house or office when they smell this scent. This deterrent is non-toxic for humans as well as pets and it causes no side effects. Pepper mint oil can be used in another form to keep rats away from specific places like kitchen tables and drawers. Cotton balls wetted with pepper mint oil can be placed in such locations. Rats cannot tolerate the smell of pepper mint even from a far distance. It can also be sprayed in places regularly frequented by rats and also in their nest or den. The effectiveness of pepper mint oil can be enhanced further by adding other oils as well. Even rat catchers make use of pepper mint oil to clear complete buildings from rat infestations. They place pepper mint oil doused rugs at different entry and exit holes and drive rats to nets and bags.

Ultrasonic rat repellent is another effective and non-toxic rat deterrent that is gaining regular use. It is either battery operated or it can be plugged in to electricity board and placed in an area infested with rats or mice. It emits ultrasonic sound waves with very high frequency of nearly twenty thousand hertz which causes extreme stress to rodents. The use of this device causes rodents to immediately leave the premises of your home or office. It is safe for humans because the frequency of waves emitted by these devices can be heard only by rodents and not humans or their pets. The ultrasonic rat repellent is an environment friendly way to remove rats. It does not involve the need to handle chemicals or the body of dead rodents. Since, an ultrasonic rat repellent does not need to be replenished with any ingredient, so it is a one time purchase for the user.

Toilet cakes are also used to act as strong rat repellents. These cakes release a strongly pungent odor which is hated by rats. These can be placed in toilet bowls and used for de-odorizing and sanitizing purpose also. These cakes can be broken into tiny pieces and thrown into rat nests, holes and dens. Cedar shavings can be added to further strengthen their effectiveness and also to repel other pests.

Other ways to deter rats from coming near homes are mentioned in the following lines. One must take care to get rid of food crumbs on floor, seal food containers and keeping garbage always tightly covered. The left-over pet’s food is also a source for attracting rats and mice. One must ensure that their pets clear-off their plates and if any left-over is there then it should be cleaned-off. Once in a while running warm water mixed with a cup of bleaching powder down the pipes also keeps rats away from their source of water.

The rat repellents mentioned above are safe to use for humans, pets and even for rats. They do not cause any loitering of rat’s dead body in the house or office. These deterrents can also be placed anywhere in the house because they do not contain any toxic elements. Other rat traps like snap traps, glue traps and poisons involve loads of risk for children and pets. Accidental contact with those traps can cause harm to anyone. With snap traps and glue traps, the users needed to dispose off with rat’s bodies, which could lead to harmful infections. But, organic and eco-friendly rat deterrents relieve users from any such harm. More and more users are now switching to these effective and long-term solutions to eradicate rat infestation problems. These methods are economical and simple and there is no need to spend money regularly on replenishing or disposing the ingredient materials.

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