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Rat Smell

Removal of Rat Odors

While talking about rat smells, there are normally two types of smell in rats, such as: Rat urine smell, and dead rat smell. To remove pet rat’s urine smell is to provide them healthy and safe environment to live. Normally this is not a difficult task to accomplish if you are doing it thoroughly and consistently. By cleaning rats body is not sufficient to remove urine smells for this you have to regularly to keep urine odor away and save rats from illness.

There are some so easy steps to keep the urine odor of rats. It is easy to find shampoo for small animals in market and you may use it while bathing your rat. Always place rats in safe and clean location except their cage. Don’t leave dishes, toys or bedding in rate cage for long time. It is good to replace it time to time. Use warm water with peroxides to clean rate cage, and even use it outside of the cage too. Wash all the food dishes, water bottles and toys with cleanser. Before placing rate into its cage assure yourself that the rat cage are properly clean and dried, then place the bedding and toys for rat.

The dead rat smell is very awful. Starting smell of dead rat is small but as the time goes on it become stronger and stronger. So as soon as you got to know that there is some dead rat smell then immediate try to find out the place where the dead body is, it may be in sheds or in decks, it may also be at the back of furniture or it may be under the switch board. There are lots places where the rats may die you have to find it through their carcass smell. But before looking about the source of the smell take some precautions such as use rubber gloves, wear old cloth, if available then use filter face mask and also use goggles to protect your eyes.

Reasons behind the precautions are it may happen that the flies ants and worms are present on the rat’s carcass. If you find the source of the smell then your half work has been completed then what you have to do is to dispose the carcass (don’t throw it in open). Then spray a deodorant or room freshener where the carcass was so that the smell of deodorant or room freshener replaces the rat odor. Epoleon Corporation is one of the best company which are manufacturing number of deodorant you may get the details from the website http://www.epoleon.com.

If rats are normally disturb you by dying here and there then it is much better for you to prevent your house from the entering of rats. For this what you have to do is find those wholes, spaces or openings from where the rats may enter your house and then repair those gaps or cracks. Fill all those areas which are around pipes or drains. Never throw foods to your lawns or just outside of your house and never provide them shelter in trash. Remove those trashes on regular basis. Mowed weeds and grass, keep your assets less accommodating for rats. When rats are not able to make their house in your house then they will not die in your house and then you have not to suffer from the odor of rats.

But still if they are entering your house then it means that there are some place near to your house where rats may get shelter and food, and as per the rat’s nature they like to run out of their place and so they enter to your house for playing. And for this there are several types of traps such as spring loaded traps to use it what you have to do is just place rat’s favorite food such as raisins or peanut butter etc., for continue three to four nights and when rats become comfortable to reach there then adjust bait as directed and set them carefully. But remember rats are very intelligent so while placing traps please ensure that your hands are properly washed or it is better to wear gloves before placing trap because rats can easily recognize the human smell.

UPDATE: I've been getting reports from people willing to know more about the actual ability of rats related to their smell, so I've written an article on this topic, entitled "A Rat's Sense of Smell". Enjoy ;-)

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