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Rat Glue

Rat Glue Trap is An Environment Friendly and Safe Way to Trap Rats

Use of rat glue trap is an ideal way for controlling rats and mice in home, restaurants, hospitals and other environments where food is handled. In fact, it is one of the safest and easiest ways to trap rats. This non-toxic trap is also suitable from the safety point-of- view for children and pets. It is completely harmless to human beings and their pets. Schools and day care centers can positively switch to glue traps. Other places where rat glue can be used are food processing plants, bakeries, kitchens and zoos.

Glue traps consists an adhesive material applied on a card-board or plastic board. The adhesive can be a natural one or a synthetic paste. Bait is generally placed in the centre of the board. Basically there are two types of rat glue traps. They are giant glue boards and rat glue trays. The giant glue boards are meant to capture non-conventional pests like snakes, reptiles, small birds or big rats. But, rat glue trays are more suitable and compact for catching indoor rats. When rats attracted by the scent of the bait reach the board and step upon them, the sticky glue traps them to the board, rendering them immovable. Although it is argued that the trapped animal dies very slowly due to starvation, dehydration and exhaustion, but it is possible to do away with the trapped rodent by disposing them after removal with help of vegetable oil, soap water or benzene. This should be done wearing a protective glove. It is important to regularly check glue traps, so that it does not become a gruesome and prolonged death for the trapped rodent. Hence, the user must always remember the locations at which one has placed the traps.

REMEMBER: Glue traps are effective mostly for indoor use, because outdoor environment affects the adhesive material.

Glue traps have an advantage in that the rat sticks to the trap and unlike other toxic traps it does not retreat to its nest and smell after dying. Generally it happens with toxic traps that the rodent hides and dies in some in-accessible location in the house or office. Hence, using a glue trap, users don’t have to search for the stinking dead body of the rodent. Glue traps can also be cut and placed in places where it is not possible to place other traps. Due to their high effectiveness, their small cut size does not affect their performance. But, glue traps are prone to becoming ineffective due to dust and cold weather, hence it requires regular examination.

An effective way to keep these glue traps is to place them in an artificial plastic tunnel. Rats consider tunnels as good places to hide. In addition to this advantage, such a tunnel prolongs the effectiveness of the glue on the board. It also acts as a safety cover for individuals and pets from stepping on to the glue surface. The glue traps are more suitable for places which experience repeated infestation by rats and mice. The trap is most effective when placed perpendicularly near walls which are close to high rat activity areas. Other suitable places where rodents are prone to frequent are near burrows, gnawed openings or runways.

When glue boards are placed on places like pipes, ledges or poles, they should be secured tightly, so that rodents cannot move the traps. Care should be taken that rat glue traps are not placed in places accessible to birds, because there is a high chance of birds being attracted by the bait. Other advantages of glue traps are that they are clean, easy to use, and disposable. They are also silent because no springs or snaps are involved and another advantage is that they are non-lethal in nature.

Most manufacturers pre-bait the glue traps with the scent of peanut butter or molasses. The glue surface can also be pasted with chocolate, oats, bacon, cereals, meats, fruits or rat nesting material like cotton. Rats need to get used to the presence of glue traps for a few days. They will step on the traps once they get accustomed to its presence in a particular location. Rat glue traps are is an effective and environmental friendly solution to getting rid of rat infestation. Since, most of the glue traps are disposable, so they are very cheap and hence economical for regular use. The user can make rat glue trap a safe and sound solution to rat infestation by regularly monitoring the glue board for any trappings.

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