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Rat Repellent

The REAL Role of a Rodent Repellent

Not a long time ago, I have read in a local newspaper an article in which the author claimed that if on the earth human kind was not dominant one that with high certainty it would be rats. Or simpler, if the earth was not overpopulated with the humans it would be over populated with the rats. They would rule with everything on this planet. Why? Because there are not other animal species on this planet, except mice and rats have ability to carry out the experience to their children.

The same is done by the humans with their children.

So, this tells us that we have respectful opponent against us when we want get rid of these pests. They are ruining our perfect picture of nice familiar life. They are interrupting our peaceful afternoon with the constant and at the same time annoying noise that they are making while they are stilling our food. Oh, can you imagine how your child will react when he or she will see a mouse near the bed. And also how loud will scream. And finally when a mother rat has just bear out exactly in your house mice will appear everywhere. All in all, these creatures are not so dangerous i.e. they can not physically hurt you but they can harm you by exposing you on an enormous psychological pain.

This is War

This means that we are in a war with these little smart enemies. In a war we can use numerous techniques in order to become the winners and finally to have calm and peaceful moments in our own house.

Yes, today on the market there are a lot of assets which will help us to get rid of the rats in the home. And production, distribution and selling of these products are multimillion businesses nowadays. But wait a second, when talking about rat repellent we are talking primarily about not-poisonous and preferably home made chemicals that will not in any way harm to our health and/or life. Also we should be aware that the aim is not to kill these animals – because with killing them we have another big problem. Namely, we do not have rats in the house but we have a lot of corps which are spreading intolerable odor in some rooms. And also every poison for one animal is a poison for other living being. So, my advice is to avoid poisonous products because they can easily harm on the health of your pets and even your little children.

To get rid of the rats, there is a little secret.

Rats can not endure certain odors, and these odors are totally harmless for the humans and often hardly noticeable. One of the most used and at the same time entirely harmless rat repellent is the peppermint odor. Everything that you should do is to go in a supermarket and buy peppermint oil. Next you will need some small pieces of thread or cotton balls. Put the peppermint oil on the thread and place it on places where you have previously noticed mice and rats. They can not stand this odor and will immediately abandon this place and your house probably.

Another aroma not tolerable for the rats is the aroma of the liquid placed for aromatizing toilet bowl. It has never been this easy – just apply this liquid as the previous method and the rats will run forever from your house or apartment.

Also the last mentioned but as effective as previous ones is placing the cat litter on the location where the rats are. This has double effect: First, the rats can not stand the ammonia odor and thus will immediately leave that place and second, mice and rats are scared by the cats and other similar predators and the smell of its litter will lead them to the conclusion that danger is near and it is very clever to abandon the place.

In order to have full effect of these home made products it is very important to regularly change or in other words refresh the odors. This has to be done every second or maximum third day. It is also very important to place these on locations where the rats and mice were previously noticed. And also spread them across whole apartment or house.

Peter Gryzunichu
Rat Extermination for Beginners
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