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Rat Elimination

How to Eliminate Rats from Your House

Some people buy rats and put them in their cage safely and neatly but most of the people don’t want to see a single rat in their house. Even they forget to sleep when they get to know that there is a rat, running in his house. Sometime it happens that rats came from the outside and ran here and there in your house and then go back to their home. So when you become assure that rat make his home in your home then its time for rat elimination. Probably you may wonder why rat choose your home for their new locus.

There may be so many reason behind this such as they easily get food from your home without your notice, may be it from animal droppings, garbage cans, dropped fruits or berries at your lawn. So they think to establish in your house so that it may possible that they may got some other new tasty foods too and they make their nest in their most favorite areas such as: basements, behind cabinets, attics, or some other crawl spaces, they use these places for breeding too.

Now rat has entered your house and to get rid of them there are so many ways and it totally depends upon your humanity that which way you choose for it. The safest and human choice is to set a trap and it will be the best choice if you have pets or kids in your house. Because using poison may harm your pets and kids both. So using trap is good option, wooden snap trap is score very low in humanity scale because this will kill the rat.

Second option is glue boards which are full of adhesives and once rat try to cross it get stuck there and starve to death. It works but again if we talk about humanity then it grade is very low. Now if you want to catch more than one rat in a time then you have to choose multi catch traps which are designed as such. This trap is humane and will also filled with live rats to leave them free so while leaving them be careful. Single catch traps are also available in the market and they are also humane but they catch one pest in a time. These are the simple steps for effective and accurately rat elimination, but follow these steps with precautions.

These are some of the traps which you may choose but be sure that the trap is anchored tightly so that rat may not drag it away. Before placing the trap assure yourself that the entire family member know that where the traps are placed so that they may not let there finger in trap instead of a rat. When the rat is being trapped then its time to leave it far from the house so before letting the rat go wear the gloves and make as much distance as possible between you and rat. After handling the rat either it is live or dead you have to wash your hand properly even if you use gloves.

Once your house is free from the rats make your house less friendly for rats by clearing their source of food. Buy a canister for the food of your pets and if the pet leaves the food then dispose it off. Remove all the fruits from your garden which are fallen from the trees. Keep your garden clean and meow the grass of your garden so that rats can’t find the space to live or to breed. Use plastic or metal canister for your cereals and grains. Use dustbins which should be well sealed so that rat may not jump into it, they like these type of places because there they find lot of food for them, they are fond of chewing and they find lot of things to chew there and even they can breed there too.

Don’t put any such product as cheese, eggs, butter, meat etc. in open because they smell these things and will try to find the way to enter in your home to taste them. By taking these simple and effective precautions your home will always stay rat free.

Peter Gryzunichu
Rat Extermination for Beginners
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